Social Responsibility

About Mawson West Ltd
Mawson West Limited is an Australian-based copper producer, developer and explorer with a focus on the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Mawson West’s focus is on the Democratic Republic of Congo (“DRC”), and its major asset is its 90% ownership in Anvil Mining Congo SA (“AMC”). The tenements held by AMC, comprising 7,300 km2 of contiguous tenure, encompasses the Company’s two main projects, the Dikulushi copper-silver mine and the Kapulo copper exploration and development project, as well as multiple exploration targets. The tenements held by AMC are governed by the Dikulushi Mining Convention.

Dikulushi – Kapulo Foundation
The Company has established a not for profit organisation, the Dikulushi – Kapulo Foundation (the “Foundation”). The Foundation holds 10% of AMC’s share capital for the benefit of local communities. The objectives of the Foundation are to initiate, develop and support development projects for the benefit of local communities in the fields of, among others, health, education, infrastructure and reinforcement of capacities. The Foundation acts as a catalyst to support community initiatives and development projects.

Employment and Training
As Mawson West’s operations are situated in more remote parts of the Katanga Province, the Company’s positive impact on the local community is significant. Mawson West identified from inception that it would create large scale employment opportunities for the local community. At present, the Company has over 1000 local employees and has provided business and employment opportunities for many others. Apart from providing employment opportunities associated with general mining work, the Company also encourages and supports women to join the workforce.

In addition to supporting employment, the Company has introduced various training programs which are available to the local community. The training programs consist of: mine machine operator training, process plant training, administration training, professional development training and programs for women.

Mawson West is also committed to supporting community members in receiving education. The Company has employed a teacher who educates women in spoken and written French, English and Swahili.

Community Health
Mawson West was recently successful with its tender for funding from the Australian Government’s Direct Aid Program (“DAP”).

The DAP is a project supported by AusAid and managed by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade through the Australian Heads of Mission in Africa, to provide funding to support communities in Africa. Together with the DAP funds, Mawson West has contributed funds to improve the available health care facilities present in the Dikulushi community clinic (“Clinic”).

This project is vital to the health of the local community due to the reliance community members place on the Clinic for their medical needs. There are approximately 5000 members in the community that rely on the clinic with there being approximately 230 cases a month treated at the clinic.

The funds from the DAP have been utilised for the construction of a borehole with header tank, the installation of a solar panel and lighting and the supply of a paraffin and solar panel fridge.

Further, the Company’s ambulance assists in transporting emergency cases from the villages to the main hospitals in Kilwa and Pweto.

Additional funds from the DAP have also been used towards the upgrade of the Dikulushi school. The upgrade of the Dikulushi school was important because it did not have any fully enclosed classrooms and as a result, during the rainy seasons the school classrooms frequently flooded and as a result had to be evacuated.

The additional funds from the DAP were used to enclose the classrooms at the school to prevent any future flooding during raining seasons. The funds were also used to purchase new desks, chairs and to provide blackboards in each of the classrooms.

This project will benefit the 1100 students of the community that attend the school as well as the teachers of the Dikulushi Community.

Kilwa Electrification
Mawson West is working with the Kilwa community towards providing power to the Kilwa hospital and surrounding buildings in the village.

The Company will be looking to provide power reticulation to work with the genset generator that has been provided by the Governor of Katanga.

Although this project is currently in its early stages it is anticipated that electricity will be available in the agreed Kilwa district in early 2014. Once completed the availability of reticulated power will be provided to the Kilwa community.

Kipeto Community Garden Project
Mawson West is providing assistance to the Kipeto community with ongoing support and guidance by the Mawson West gardener who attends weekly to the Kipeto community garden.

The community recently established a nursery of tomatoes, onion, cabbage and Chinese cabbage. As this project is ongoing Mawson West will continue to provide assistance to the local community members who work in the Kipeto gardens.

Community Development
Mawson West is committed to contributing to social, economic and medical development in the DRC. The Company recognises the need to be proactive and assist in community needs.

Mawson West supports open communications between the Company and the community with an aim to improve and manage social projects. As a result of these communications, a range of initiatives have been introduced to contribute to the wellbeing of the community.

The Company has also been successful in cooperating with community members with the objective of creating projects which will increase local employment opportunities.

As part of Mawson West’s commitment to the local community it aims to create a positive community bond and to bring the extended community together by offering several movies in the villages on weekends.

Additionally, Mawson West provides regular transport to the local community and has repaired and continues to maintain infrastructure such as schools, clinic, water pumps and power generators.

The Company is also committed to supporting local business by sourcing certain supplies from local villages surrounding the Dikulushi and Kapulo Project which injects much needed cash into the local community.

Mawson West has, on an ongoing basis, donated essential items to the local community, such as foodstuffs to those in need and furniture to the local police station and local clinic.

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