Mawson West Ltd

Mawson West Limited is a TSX listed, Australian Based copper producer, developer and explorer with a focus on the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Mawson West Limited’s major asset is its ownership of the tenements which are governed by the Dikulushi Mining Convention and held by its 90% owned subsidiary Anvil Mining Congo SA.

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Copper and the Congo

The Central African Copperbelt (Katanga Basin) is the largest and most prolifically mineralized sediment-hosted copper province known on earth. Other provinces of this type include the Zechstein Basin (central Europe), the Kodaro-Udokan Basin (Russia), and the Paradox Basin (Utah) In 2011 the Democratic Republic of Congo was the 10th largest producer of copper worldwide, and with Zambia, the copper production from the Katanga Basin accounted for ~7% of global supply.

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